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Building together

Kingdom Impact, located in Almere, is an international movement committed to strengthen, equip, motivate and train churches and leaders from apostolic-prophetic sight for the time we are now living in and for the time to come.

Out of the Biblical command to reach the nations, Kingdom Impact focuses in particular on Europe and Southeast Asia.

Kingdom Impact believes in the fivefold ministry through which the Body of Christ is equipped in order to position itself to move in oneness. God desires to raise up a people able to act and speak in a accurate way, so that people will be delivered from the systems of this world and His Kingdom advances. (Dan. 2:44)

Kingdom Impact is committed to build bridges between churches, leaders and ministries in order to unify them and to make heard a corporate voice of God in the nations.

Kingdom Impact desires to bring people and churches in the clear understanding of God’s speaking, so we will see His design (architecture) and plan. This will produce an accurate walk and a correct positioning before God and people. We believe in healthy relationships, that recognize, acknowledge and strengthen each other, relationships in which we know to stand in unity and build accurately with our hands on the throne.

To realize this, Kingdom Impact provides among others weekly Sunday services (KISS), Royal Praise & Prayer and Global Bridge Builders.

Building together to God’s plan requires great commitment, but it is the thankful place we may occupy!


Every sunday: Sunday Service at 1.30 PM.